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Sportskred is the most comprehensive end-to-end solution to level up social media sponsorship in sport. Sportskred’s full suite of tools saves hours and creates more revenue, while measuring the success of social media sponsorship.

Built For Everyone In Sponsorship

Athletes, agents, brands, agencies and rights holders.

Back when Sportskred was just a great idea, we met lots of them and asked a lot of questions.

While all excited about the potential of social media sponsorship, they each had very specific requirements and challenges for it to really work for them.

This feedback meant the Sportskred platform was built from the ground-up to work seamlessly for every stakeholder in social media sponsorship.

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Built for the needs of...

  • Clubs, Sports Organisations and NGBS

    Create and value a new social media asset to sell to current and potential new sponsors, or share content to your army of fans and followers.

  • Athletes and Agents

    Receive new social media sponsorship opportunities, and use our tools to contract with and manage them.

  • Brands and Agencies

    Identify, engage and measure the impact of working with sporting talent across social media, at any scale.

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Collaborate and partner with some exciting brands on social media, supporting you financially through your sporting career.

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Sportskred provides agents with the connections and professional support allowing effective monetisation of your clients’ social media profile.

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Benefit from the tools needed to manage social media campaigns with sporting talent, of any scale.

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Benefit from the tools needed to manage social media campaigns with sporting talent on behalf of your clients, of any scale.

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Rights Holder

Sportskred makes it simple to create and monetise new digital assets for your organisation through your social media.