About Us

The Sportskred Team

We are a London-based creative and commercial team that knows how to connect brands with sports athletes and sports influencers for measurable returns.

Sounds great - but what is it?

Sportskred is a free to use marketplace which seamlessly connects advertisers with sports athletes.
Through social media, they have created meaningful relationships with their fans and supporters.
Sportskred enables brands to tell their story via inspiring and trusted athletes to this highly engaged audience.
While making it easier for athletes to commercialise their digital image rights.

Why sportskred?

Sportskred is an opt in marketplace - not simply a searchable database.
This means that every one of the 1,000’s of athletes have registered expressly to receive briefs.
So when you contact them through Sportskred - they’re in work mode.
Which makes them far more likely to respond.
We also provide the tools to plan, brief and execute your campaign at scale.
With analytics that track beyond vanity, allowing you to optimise your campaign to hard business metrics.