Do You Know Your Value?

As an athlete, you have a direct connection with your fans, and this connection is valuable to sponsors.

But do you know exactly how valuable?

You’re used to the pressure of competition, but finding sponsors is time consuming.

Step 1 is to know your value. Why?

Knowing the value of your social media audience is the first step to your role not only as an athlete but also as a potential brand ambassador.

Once invited by your club or team you can keep track of your ever-changing social media value and its influence, while understanding your audience.

Your influence is valuable.

But do you know how valuable?

What can Sportskred do for you?

Know Your Value

Understand the true value of your social media across all your active channels

Know your audience

From their interests and the brands they love, through to their age, gender and location.

Pitch With Confidence

Sportskred gives you the understanding and data to finesse your pitch to sponsors

Sportskred on the go

If your club or team are not yet using Sportskred you can independently be a member of the Sportskred community by downloading our app today

So, how does it work?

Download The App

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Connect Your Social

In 2 minutes, connect your active channels using only your username

Learn, Then Earn

All the data you need, in your pocket

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If you have not been invited by your club or team to join Sportskred, then to join Sportskred's athlete community independently you need to meet our simple three point criteria below

  • 01

    Professional Athlete

    You’re a professional athlete training for competition, or a retired professional athlete.

  • 02

    At least one social media channel

    You have at least 2000 followers on at least one social media channel.

  • 03

    You are at least 18 years old

    If you are under 18, you may need to have permission from a parent or guardian.


Download the app to get started.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our users are saying

“As an elite athlete without management, Sportskred have filled a gap in my team, providing advice and support throughout the time I have been working with them. Their unique platform has connected me with brands I otherwise would never have been exposed to, and they have helped me begin to build an online presence and support network that I would have spent years doing without their technology and excellent team to communicate with.”

- Hannah Cockroft | 5x Paralympic Champion