Not Our Brand. Yours.

Sportskred is a fully white labeled technology solution

So, it’s customised to your brand, providing a greater experience for all your collaborators

The web and mobile apps are fully branded to your logo and colours

With messaging branded to you and sent from your email server

All accessed via your own website

And it’s not just cosmetic, with Sportskred, you customise your own terms of business

We do the tech, you manage your platform

Not Just A Product. A Partner.

While our tech works beautifully out of the box, we appreciate that every business has its own unique processes and challenges

We consult with each of our clients to ensure each branded platform is adapted to meet their specific business and marketing requirements

Your business is unique, you don’t need the same product as everyone else

You need a partner

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Sportskred was built for...

  • Clubs, agents and sports properties

    Create and value a new social media asset to sell to current and potential new sponsors, or share content to your army of fans and followers.

  • Athletes

    Understand your audience and the value of your social media.

  • Brands

    Create, manage and monetise your social network of influential sporting talent.

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Ever wanted to know who your fans and followers are. Get insights on your social media fan base, and take part in campaigns with your club and team.

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You work with many clients, on-field contracts are your focus, but there are many opportunities for off-field endorsements. When it comes to the management and monetising of your clients social media we have the solution.

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Manage social media campaigns with your sponsored talent; track, measure and manage everything in one place.

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Manage social media campaigns for your clients, can used across multi-brands and has all the tools to make social media campaigns simple at scale.

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Sports Property

Sportskred makes it simple to create and monetise a private social media network of players, ambassadors and fans. Content sharing and sponsored content delivered at scale to huge audiences.