The Solution to Grow your Social Media and Engage your Audience

In today's world, growing your social media and connecting with audiences is ever more challenging. Our solution provides brands, companies, and sports properties with technology to engage with huge audiences on social and streaming media.

Originally developed as a solution for Sports and Esports Marketing, Sportskred now provides solutions to companies working with influencers and creators in industries as diverse as Retail, Manufacturing, Fashion, Gaming and Events.

What you can do with Sportskred's Solution


Engage Your audience

It can be your brand ambassadors, employees, VIPs, fans, customers, and followers. Perfect for advocacy and loyalty programs: engage your Members and grow your social media presence.

Understand Your Audience

Thanks to Machine Learning, you can analyse your collaborators' reach and followers across their channels. See who are the influencers, ambassadors and employees performing best on social media.

Manage and Analyse Campaigns

Create marketing campaigns, product promotions and sponsorships, and share them with your Members and creators. Directly analyse the campaigns results in a unique dashboard.

Create social media content

Create sponsored or non-sponsored content, or request specific content from creators through a brief, directly in the platform.

add Partners and Sponsors

Add your partners and sponsors and and create campaigns on their behalf. Invite them to view the campaigns directly on the platform.

multiply social media reach

Invite your social and streaming media audience to help you grow your your reach. No matter the size of your audience, every member can contribute and multiply your reach.

Sportskred is a White-Label Solution

Your brand, your colours, your own Web and Mobile App.

A fully white-labeled software solution, ready to go. It’s customized to your brand, providing a greater experience for all your collaborators.

Why Sportskred's Solution

Reduce those tedious, repetitive, time-consuming tasks - no more spreadsheets, emails, and communication all over the place.

All your campaign analytics in one view. No more dashboards coming from different Social Media Channels.

Centralised communication, direct contact, push notifications, and social media campaign management in your own solution.


“It makes campaign creation and management simple, and means we can roll out our Creators Den to include many more gaming talents over the coming months.” – Charles Reilly, Co-Founder & CEO at Python Gaming.
“Sportskred is a leading, innovative technology driving sponsorship and advertising revenues for clubs through social media.” - Eric M. Gottschalk, Co-Founder of UCFC
“Sportskred’s solution enables us to build a scalable ambassador network with academic staff, students, and ambassadors. We can now have one digital community and platform to showcase our students’ innovative works and to broaden their vision while working with well-known brands.” - James Fraser-Murison, Director of Learning for the Creative Arts at Queen Mary’s College

Who's using Sportskred's Solution

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