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Membership Directory​

Manage all your collaborators who become your members: employees, fans, customers, followers, influencers or content creators. Personal messaging, invitation requests - seamlessly oversee each of your members, and group them according to your chosen criteria.

Audience Insights

Powered by machine learning: see social media audience data for your own, and every member across their channels. Aggregate your members audiences to understand your real social footprint.


Keep your community and members engaged with regular and relevant updates. Takes 2 minutes to create the news, reaches all your members in a split second.

Content Share

Create posts, schedule them, share with all your members, and they can share across selected channels. Simple, effective, and you get to see the full analysis of who took part, and the engagement created.

Content Request

UGC gets the best engagement on social media, so here you can ask your members to take part in the campaign creativity. The content is posted, and stored in your library for future use.

Sponsor/Partner Manager

Add your Sponsors or Partners to your platform and create campaigns on their behalf. Additionally, you can give them access to your platform to take part in campaign creations, and directly see the campaign results for themselves.

Partnership Campaigns

Create Sponsorship Campaigns and select the ambassadors whose profiles are most suitable. Make offers to them for activations, and track campaign progress through to final campaign analysis. Tracking code and links for click through generated automatically to direct ROI measurements.

Campaign Analytics

Real-time analytics of all your social media channels, your members channels, and all your campaigns. All the tools to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Social Media Integration

Connect all of your main social media channels and manage them from a single platform. See detailed audience insights and your members' reach. Create campaigns across all the available social media channels.

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