Game. Set. Matched.

Sportskred has hundreds of professional athletes looking to collaborate with your clients across their social media. We make it simple for them to endorse your clients’ brand or products.

Athletes are some of the most influential people on social media.

There are thousands of conversations and stories unfolding right now on social media between athletes and their fans. It’s not just about the podium or the finish line. It’s about the early starts, the skill, the discipline, the personality. It’s about connecting with fans. It’s about putting your clients at the heart of the story.

Sportskred identifies, briefs and tracks the effectiveness of professional athletes promoting your client’s brand across their social media on a previously unmanageable scale.

You’ve got the brief, we’ve got the athletes.

Put your clients' brand at the heart of their story.

Put Sportskred in your corner

Identify and connect

Sportskred finds the right professional athletes for your campaign. With advanced audience demographics and campaign analytics providing true clarity.

The right price

Our algorithm calculates the correct value of each athlete’s social media in real time. Pricing transparency means there are no hidden surprises or add-ons.

Save hours

We remove the admin of working with multiple athletes with our workflow management tools.

Why work with multiple athletes?

More Engaging

Many audiences, when coordinated, are more engaging and optimisable.

Untapped Content

There is an incredible amount of untapped media being created every day across the social media of international athletes, established Olympians and break out stars alike.

Support the Journey

Be part of the journey of inspiring professional athletes.

How does it work?

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    Discuss a brief

    Sportskred matches athletes to your brief, providing transparency on cost and audience data.

  • 02

    Activate the campaign

    With a couple of clicks, we activate the campaign to your selected athletes.

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    Sportskred provides real time campaign analytics, from reach to click.

Put us to the test.

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