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Ever wondered what the impact could be if your employees posted on social media?

Discover how employee advocacy can transform your brand's reach and credibility. Use strategies for empowering your workforce to amplify your message.
Posting content on your business social channels can be effective, but when your members post on their social media the impact is hugely magnified.

What you can do with Sportskred's Solution


Engage employees

Add your members to your platform and invite them to download your app. Keep all the communications within the App, and keep them up to date with push notifications and frequent news articles.

Share news

Keep employees up to date. Share your organisation's news, whether specific campaigns, or news about company or new product launches. They can all contribute by sharing the news on their social media.

request content

Create a detailed brief directly within the app, requesting one or more members to create a specific piece of content. Can be simply for them to post on their own social channels or used for wider marketing purposes.

analyse shared content

Analyse when members share or create content from your briefs and publish on their social channels. All the tools to measure who, what and when and the audience engagement.

Why Sportskred's Solution

Add your member's social media channels, and see their level of activity responding to your briefs.

Only pay for the modules you use, and based on the number of members using the app.

Your own personalized company app for marketing communications with your employees, with push notifications and a user-friendly interface, for a monthly fee.

Sportskred is a White-Label Solution

Your brand, your colours, your own Web and Mobile App.

A fully white-labeled technology solution, which means it’s customized to your brand, providing a greater experience for all your employees.


“It makes campaign creation and management simple, and means we can roll out our Creators Den to include many more gaming talents over the coming months.” – Charles Reilly, Co-Founder & CEO at Python Gaming.
“Sportskred is a leading, innovative technology driving sponsorship and advertising revenues for clubs through social media.” - Eric M. Gottschalk, Co-Founder of UCFC
“Sportskred’s solution enables us to build a scalable ambassador network with academic staff, students, and ambassadors. We can now have one digital community and platform to showcase our students’ innovative works and to broaden their vision while working with well-known brands.” - James Fraser-Murison, Director of Learning for the Creative Arts at Queen Mary’s College

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