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Greater Reach On Social & Streaming Media

Seamlessly manage gaming influencers content to amplify your brand's reach through strategic marketing campaigns on social networks.

Our solution builds your exclusive community on your own proprietary platform, and helps your growth across your social and streaming media, while keeping all the important communications, marketing and partnership intelligence and analytics in one place.

What you can do with Sportskred's Solution


Engage Your Community

Engage your gaming influencers, creators and ambassadors to grow your social and streaming media presence. Your community members can be your team members, creators, your fans, your customers and partners, or even followers.

Understand Your Audience

Details of your gaming influencers, but more importantly those of all your members across their channels. Integration of data from their activities provides valuable 1st party data.

Manage Campaigns

Create marketing and partnership campaigns, product promotions or events, and share them with your members, whether they're team members, followers, or gaming influencers and ambassadors

Grow Social Media Presence

Creating sponsored or non-sponsored posts, or asking your gaming influencers to collaborate content for you, will help you reach a greater audience and grow your social and streaming media presence.

analyse performance

Post-campaign analysis is done automatically. Who shared what and when, who created some content and shared it; from sentiment analysis to CTR all the tools to measure the performance of every member who took part in a campaign.

Grow brand awareness

Your brand awareness is your value. Invite your social and streaming media audience and gaming influencers to help you grow your your reach. No matter the size of audience, every member can easily contribute and multiply your reach.

Why Sportskred's Solution

Keep all your member interactions, campaigns, and analytics in one place, streamline and simplify communications and content management.

You'll only be charged for the modules you use, based on the number of content contributors you engage (members).

Your very own Platform with instant alerts and effortless engagement, available for a subscription payable every month.

Sportskred is a White-Label Solution

Your brand, your colours, your own Web and Mobile App.

A fully white-labeled software solution, which means it’s customised to your brand, providing a greater experience for all your collaborators.


“It makes campaign creation and management simple, and means we can roll out our Creators Den to include many more gaming talents over the coming months.” – Charles Reilly, Co-Founder & CEO at Python Gaming.
“Sportskred is a leading, innovative technology driving sponsorship and advertising revenues for clubs through social media.” - Eric M. Gottschalk, Co-Founder of UCFC
“Sportskred’s solution enables us to build a scalable ambassador network with academic staff, students, and ambassadors. We can now have one digital community and platform to showcase our students’ innovative works and to broaden their vision while working with well-known brands.” - James Fraser-Murison, Director of Learning for the Creative Arts at Queen Mary’s College

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