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Sportskred Groups

Introducing Sportskred Groups.

At Sportskred, it’s always been our mission to make sponsorship of the social media of athletes and ambassadors more accountable, easier to manage, and optimizable. 

One of the many tools that facilitate these aims in the Sportskred platform is groups.  

With Sportskred Groups, teams, leagues and sponsors have much greater control in campaign planning, delivery and reporting. 

For instance..

You might be a brand with a few, or you might be a brand with hundreds of sporting ambassadors that you collaborate with on social media. They are unlikely to all be the same. Some may be long term ambassadors, others used for short term engagement. Or, you may be a club with teams across multiple sports or esports.

So how are Sportskred clients using groups? 

The premise is simple. Group together players or ambassadors of a similar type to share content with and track the outcomes. 

Other uses for groups can include:

Easy management of multiple sponsors. You may have a mens, a womens and a youth team, each of which may have different sponsors. Adding them to a group makes it simple to instantly share their specific sponsors’ content.

Top performers by content type. Some athletes are more comfortable than others at appearing in a video or doing ugc. Grouping your best ‘video athletes’ or ‘ugc’ athletes is time saving when a brief is received by your sponsors.

Fanbassadors. Teams are starting to really engage with fans and fan media, and as a result are reaching huge audiences in a very authentic way. This may be a paid relationship with a fan channel or simply sharing original content with a select cadre of super fans. Either way, set them up as a group for rapid campaign deployment. 

Common Interest. Audience data in the Sportskred platform enables the user (normally the marketing team of a brand or team) to see the interests of both the athlete and their audience. 

By Identifying the players with a high affinity for travel, photography or fashion and create and value a group to work with new or existing category partners.

Potential new ambassadors. While you may have your established brand ambassadors, but what about the new superstars on social? Set up a group with your potential new ambassadors to share and track content through them to see who performs best and who is worthy of a longer term deal. 

Value in kind. Not every athlete is paid for in cash. Groups can separate the athletes with whom you have a financial relationship with from the ones who will road test your products or services. 

With every campaign, your Sportskred account accrues valuable campaign data meaning you can track the effectiveness of each group in isolation. 

We’re constantly hearing about different uses for groups from our clients – it’s up to you how you use them. Athlete and ambassador’s social are not only excellent at reaching fans in a more engaging way but with sportskred they form an optimisable channel, giving more granularity and an ultimately more effective asset.

If you want to see what Sportskred technology can do for you, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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