Social media is the future of personal sponsorship

As an athlete, you’re used to the early starts, the training and the pressure of competition. But looking for sponsors can be daunting.

Sportskred was built to help professional athletes like you to earn funding through sponsorship of your social media. The connection you have with your followers and fans on social is highly valuable to brands. So why not join the Sportskred revolution and become visible to brands looking to work with athletes today?

You have an audience that is valuable to many sponsors.

But do you know how valuable?

What can Sportskred do for you?

Connect with sponsors

Register with Sportskred for free and be visible to brands looking to sponsor you.

Know your value, know your audience

In one simple step, connect your social media to better understand your audience and how much your social media is worth.

Learn and earn

Take the opportunity to develop the size and value of your social media – request free products, practice your marketing skills and make the first step to connecting with brands.

Sportskred on the go

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So, how does it work?


Complete your profile and connect your social media via the Sportskred app or desktop in five minutes.

Understand Your Value

Access your own personal audience data and see the monetary value of your social media.

Get Sponsored

Wait for sponsorship offers or request free products on the app to get started right away.

Apply Now

If you meet our simple three point criteria below, you can sign up straight away.

  • 01

    Professional Athlete

    You’re a professional athlete training for competition, or a retired professional athlete.

  • 02

    At least one social media channel

    You have at least 2000 followers on at least one social media channel.

  • 03

    You are at least 18 years old

    If you are under 18, you will need to have permission from a parent or guardian.

Are you game?

Create an account and get started today.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our users are saying

“As an elite athlete without management, Sportskred have filled a gap in my team, providing advice and support throughout the time I have been working with them. Their unique platform has connected me with brands I otherwise would never have been exposed to, and they have helped me begin to build an online presence and support network that I would have spent years doing without their technology and excellent team to communicate with.”

- Hannah Cockroft | 5x Paralympic Champion