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Ambassador Network

Sportskred provides the technology for you to create and manage a network of your ambassadors' social accounts, to deliver marketing and sponsorship campaigns reaching vast audiences on social.

Advanced Audience Insights

Advanced audience data enables detailed campaign planning.

  • Performance and engagement metrics to identify the most influential ambassadors
  • Demographic data shows you the ‘where’ and ‘who’ of your audience
  • Affinity data shows your audiences interests and the brands they love
  • View by ambassador, athlete or your entire network

Valuation And Commercial Tools

Sportskred commercial tools, constantly value all social media assets while removing admin and negotiation

  • Real time social media valuation
  • No more contracts – just your own platform terms
  • Create and manage a whole new sponsorship asset
  • In platform payment system

Seamless Content Sharing

Deliver marketing and sponsorship campaigns across multiple social accounts in minutes.

  • Filterable ambassador and athlete selection
  • Group creation
  • Campaign studio creator and preview tool
  • One touch content share to app
  • Private messaging and scheduling tools


Remove the hassle of campaign reporting with Sportskred analytics

  • Automated Campaign analytics
  • Track performance as campaign totals or by athlete or influencer
  • Click tracking to partner sites
  • Fully exportable reports

What makes Sportskred unique?

True Fan Engagement

On average, fans engage with players 8x more than the social of the team they play for. This provides huge revenue generating opportunities for teams, leagues, athletes and agents and an influential gateway to fans on a massive scale for brands.

Want To Know More?

Sportskred has been tailored to benefit every stakeholder in sport. If you have any questions or would like to see how our tech can work for you, we'd love to hear from you.

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