In 2015 Sportskred's founder and keen amateur athlete, Victor Stekly, was competing at the UCI Amateur Road World Championships.

He got there through hard training graft, but also by his choice of cycling products which were informed by listening to the advice on training and nutrition from athletes he respected, the very same people he followed on social media. The very people who had attained greatness in their sport. A tennis player ranked 120 is an awesome athlete, coming 4th at the olympics is an incredible achievement, being in the peloton at the Tour de France is hardly a breeze.

What came clear to Victor is that with many hours spent training every day, there was very little time for athletes to search for commercial partners.

Social media means Athletes have a direct and often reciprocal relationship with their followers - and are therefore far more likely to influence their audiences'perceptions, These tips were why Victor was following them in the first place after all.

From this, the site and Sportskred app were built, providing a platform to easily connect, brief and manage athletes as influencers at scale with brands, who also got the tools to manage influencer marketing campaigns effectively.

The focus at Sportskred is and will always be on a frictionless connection between brand and athlete.