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How To Share Sponsorship Content With Ambassadors Effectively

When working on your ambassador programs, it is important to ensure that the content ambassadors share with their followers matches your requirements and those of the sponsors. Below are some tips on how to effectively share sponsorship content with ambassadors.

Share a clear content brief with instructions and background information

Sharing a clear content brief with ambassadors is the first step towards ensuring that the content they share is aligned with your brand’s goals. The brief should include a clear description of the goals and objectives of the sponsorship, as well as instructions on what should be included in the content. It should also provide any specific background information that should be provided to the ambassadors’ followers to help them understand the context of the content.

Suggest to your ambassadors to produce personal content

Personal content is often more effective in engaging followers on social media platforms. It’s usually known as user-generated content, and it implies that the person sharing content about a specific brand is also using the product.

Consider requesting ambassadors to produce personal content that showcases how they use a certain product. This can be in the form of photos, videos, or posts. User-generated content is also more likely to be shared or liked by followers, increasing the reach and engagement of the content.

Share the hashtags the ambassadors should use

Hashtags are an important part of social media marketing as they help to increase the visibility of the content. Share the hashtags that ambassadors should use to ensure that the content is easily searchable by their followers. You can create a unique hashtag for the sponsorship campaign that ambassadors can use in their posts.

Suggest the best time and day for sharing content on social media channels

Knowing the best time and day to share content on social media is important to ensure that the content reaches the maximum number of followers. It is important to consider the time zones of the ambassadors and their followers when suggesting the best time to post. You can use social media analytics tools to determine the best time and day to post content on different social media channels.

Suggest a multiple-channel approach

It is recommended that ambassadors distribute content on various social media platforms. This will ensure that the content reaches a wider target audience. You can suggest different types of content for different social media channels. For example, stories work well on Instagram, while pictures or short videos work well on Twitter.

How to share sponsorship content with ambassadors using Sportskred

Sportskred’s platform is an effective tool for sharing sponsorship content with ambassadors. It enables teams to connect with ambassadors, share content, and track performance.

The platform also provides an analysis of the engagement and reach of the content shared by ambassadors. This information can be used to optimize future sponsorship campaigns.

What you can do with Sportskred:

  1. Create a campaign with an image or video
  2. Write the copy for the post
  3. Add hashtags
  4. Schedule the content for any day and time in the future
  5. Select the ambassadors and channels – they will then receive a notification to approve the content, which will be posted automatically

If you want to build a successful brand ambassador program without spending too much time managing your brand ambassadors, book a demo of Sportskred today.

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