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FC Andorra signs up with Sportskred to build their unique digital Ambassador Club

Andorra La Vella, 21 December 2022: Sportskred is delighted to announce a partnership agreement with FC Andorra, the leading Andorran sports club playing in the second division of La Liga, to develop and deliver a unique technology platform to engage with and manage an Ambassador Club, made up of their players, fans, club executives, streamers, influencers, and even their sponsors.

This new platform brings all FC Andorra’s Ambassadors together for creating campaigns on social media to reach huge audiences. It serves fans, players, the club and sponsors.

In partnering with FC Andorra, Sportskred will not only be providing the technology, but also supporting the commercial team to greatly expand their social media reach through their Ambassadors, and provide advisory services for content creation and commercial partner proposals. 

“Building a strong digital presence is essential for any sports organisation. However, it is a hugely time-consuming function that requires significant resources to deliver effectively,” said Carlota Aparici. “in the Sportskred platform, we have a solution that makes reaching huge audiences on social media simple, provides community engagement, and allows us to provide additional opportunities to our commercial partners. The platform automates the time-consuming tasks, and provides campaign metrics to prove efficacy to our sponsors and partners”.

The Sportskred platform enables sports properties to create an entirely new media asset of all their Ambassadors. It provides detailed audience insights, including demographics and affinity audience data across multiple social networks, valuations, campaign management and vital campaign data metrics that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of their activations.

Additionally, the tech provides an innovative content-sharing system, enabling the marketing team to share content on behalf of their sponsors instantly across all their Ambassadors who can automatically upload to their social accounts via the Sportskred mobile application. 

“Sportskred is focused on bringing software solutions and industry expertise to simplify every aspect of operating an effective Ambassador Club for digital sponsorship,” said Javier Guerrero, LATAM director at Sportskred. “Clubs and Teams, players, and fans can all take part in the promotion of the sports club they support, while their brand partners can quantify and enjoy the significant benefits and value of their sponsorship and marketing collaborations”

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About Sportskred

Sportskred is a European-based technology company that has designed and developed a digital platform for sports properties to create their own Ambassador Club for activations on social media. The technology provides sports properties opportunities to greatly increase their audience reach on social and streaming media, and thus provide further partner income to the club.

About FC Andorra

FC Andorra is the leading sports club in Andorra and currently plays in the second division of Spanish Football, having been promoted last season. FC Andorra belongs to Kosmos Holdings Group, the entity owned by Gerard Piqué. 

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