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Influential, Not Influencers

The rise of social media has created a new breed of social media stars. People who have crafted an online persona that appeals to their thousands or millions of followers.

The rise of the influencer has brought with it significant rewards for advertisers with the right ideas. 

Indeed, a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub found that 86% of brands surveyed intended to dedicate some budget to influencer marketing in 2019 – a jump from 37% in the previous year. 

While it’s clear that some clearly are talented, the lure of ‘easy’ pay days has inevitably attracted many to the band-wagon, tarnishing the viability of this still relatively embryonic advertising channel. 

The issues are as various as they are widely reported, ranging from a lack of authenticity to out and out fraudulence – promoting anything and everything to buying audience and engagement. 

What brands crave is authenticity – and where that authenticity is stymied then it is sought elsewhere.

Which is where athletes come in.

A genuine source of inspiration, influential way beyond their on-field successes, whose audiences follow them with passion, awe and belief, people whose dedication, commitment and sacrifice has brought them to the attention of fans and audiences, who are deeply invested in them, their daily routines and stories. 

They promote products based values in common with their audience, acting more often as expert endorsers than celebrity endorsers. Their content may often not be quite as slick or as polished, but they communicate with authenticity the brand’s message to their audiences.

It’s content created by the highly influential, not by influencers. 

At Sportskred our mission is to make it simple for brands to work with athletes (we have over 800 of them) while providing them with the tools to activate and track the effectiveness of the sponsorship.

Come join the revolution and put your trust in those whose audiences trust them.

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