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Sportskred is the most comprehensive NIL compliance operating system for athletics departments, compliance officers and their student athletes.
Sportskred tech gives colleges and their student athletes everything they need to understand and earn from NIL, while staying fully compliant.

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Everything In One Place

Education And Support

  • A one-stop shop for social media educational resources.
  • Deep analytics for student athletes to fully understand their social media audiences across FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch.
  • Real-time valuations of the student athletes’ social media to ensure fair value for their NIL asset.
  • FAQ’s and online support.

Connected To Compliance

  • Customizable workflow for managing the approval process with the university compliance department.
  • Student athletes can submit any endorsement offers received to ensure regulatory compliance prior to acceptance.
  • Compliance departments review and ensure student athletes remain within the regulatory framework.

Track And Monitor Endorsement Activations

  • Automated reporting of social media transactions, recorded in the Sportskred Campaign Dashboard.
  • Simple in-app options for student athletes to record their endorsement activations, whether on social media or other in-person appearances.
  • Campaign reports for student athletes to gain valuable insights into the performance of the campaigns they completed.

Your Customised And Branded NIL Hub


Know your audience and its value.

Stay Compliant

Stay connected to ensure regulatory compliance.


The effectiveness of endorsement performance across social and streaming.

Out Of The Box Simple.

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    Invite Your Athletes To Your Branded Platform

    It takes athletes seconds to register with Sportskred, and the platform is branded and customized to your college athletics organization. It even integrates with your website.

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    Understand The Value, Know Your Audience

    Sportskred provides colleges and student athletes with financial valuation of their social media, advanced audience data and monitoring of brand partnerships and financial contracts.

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    Fully Compliant Collaboration

    By keeping everyone connected, any social media campaign is delivered seamlessly and compliantly, at the touch of a button.

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