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The Power of Ambassadors Networks for Viral Content

Social media has become one of the most important channels for businesses and brands to market themselves and maintain their customer base. With 100’s millions of users logging onto social media platforms every day, businesses compete for exposure, making it more challenging to get a message across. One common tactic used by brands is to have many people post at the same time with the same content. It is called Social Media Blast, and it can help you reach a wider audience and go viral with almost no effort.

In this blog post, we talk about the effect of many people posting on social media the same content all at the same time and how crucial it is to have a network of ambassadors to make your content go viral.

How to use Social Media Blast to grow your reach

The trend of having many people post the same content at the same time on social media, also known as the Social Media Blast, has become popular as it has effectively been proven many times over.

Your ambassador network is critical to your viral content strategy. A brand ambassador can generate up to seven times more reach than the average customer. Also, they create user-generated content that can be shared on the brand’s own social media profiles. This content is another way to promote the brand without risking its social reach. Ambassadors are also loyal customers who will not compromise the brand’s reputation, which creates positive brand sentiment and boosts engagement.

An ambassador network, or a network of brand ambassadors, is a group of loyal customers or followers that represent a brand on social media by sharing its content with its audience. Ambassadors raise brand awareness, increase trust and credibility, and generate social media engagement. Moreover, their posts will seem more organic, and therefore, the algorithms will not flag them as spam and will have a highly positive impact on the brand’s reach.

The relationship between a brand and its ambassadors is symbiotic, as ambassadors benefit from the relationship too. They get access to exclusive content and perks, and it elevates their own personal brand. They become a part of something bigger, and they strive to help the brand grow. Therefore, it is essential to treat them with respect, communicate with them regularly, and reward them for their activity.

This is why Sportskred exists in the first place.

The Sportskred platform allows you to share exclusive content with your ambassadors that they can share with their audience, and even help them with some ready-to-post content.

How to use Sportskred with your ambassadors


Through the Newsroom, you can share exclusive content that will be visible to your ambassador network only. This will allow them to stay up-to-date on the brand’s news and also use that content to share social media content themselves. It is a way to keep them connected to you and be part of what’s happening.

newsroom The Power of Ambassadors Networks for Viral Content

Share content

If you want to create a post that ambassadors can approve and publish with one click, you can do that through the Marketing Manager. You’ll just need to fill in the info on the template (see below), add one or more images, the post caption, and hashtags, and then schedule the post for the day and time of your choice. 

All your ambassadors will have to do is approve the content when they receive the notification – everything else will run automatically!

share content - The Power of Ambassadors Networks for Viral Content

Creating an ambassador network is an effective and efficient way to increase social media engagement and greatly boost brand reach. Ambassadors have loyal followings and will be authentic in their promotions, making their impact on the brand’s social media growth exponential.

It is also critical to reward ambassadors for their work and input, and this is where the Sportskred platform can also help.

Do you want to see how? Get in touch.

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