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Sportskred partners with the Canadian Lacrosse League

The Canadian Lacrosse League (CLL) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the establishment of the first amateur major junior lacrosse league in Canada. The CLL represents Canada at the World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC) and all other IIJL events. 

This new partnership represents an opportunity for CLL to overhaul their digital sponsorship assets – providing the league with an entirely new revenue stream, while enabling all league communications to be delivered seamlessly to fans via the teams. 

Using Sportskred technology, the CLL will create, monetise, and manage a social media network that combines their teams’ social media accounts.

This will provide their sponsors with access to a large community of Lacrosse fans while enabling frictionless mass communication from the league itself. 

Sportskred technology will enable the CLL to value all linked social media assets in real time while providing access to detailed audience data – giving sponsors transparency on the league and teams audience in a way that wouldn’t have previously been possible.

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