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Rule 40 ‘Relaxation’

Let’s say you’re a javelin thrower, a gymnast, or you ride a BMX. 

You train daily according to a punishing schedule, control your diet and maintain a strict control over many elements of your life. If you’re one of the lucky ones you may get some financial support from your national sport governing body… that is if you are a medal hopeful at the next Olympic Games. 

Your funding may cover your living expenses, your training, and travel and the other costs of being a full time athlete – but no more. And, every 4 years, you have the chance to perform at your very best in front of millions, your chance to gain some recognition by a wider audience, and hopefully some financial reward for a career which may reach its apex during one or two appearances at the Olympics.

Well, for athletes things are looking up. Prior to the relaxation of Rule 40, athletes were not allowed to promote any sponsor other than official sponsors during the games, (as well as for a defined time period before and after the Games). 

And, where did all the official sponsorship revenue go? Not necessarily to the athletes. 

However, nothing is forever in this world, and neither is it in sport. Without these dedicated athletes there would be no Olympic games, and at last this has begun to be recognised, and a seismic change has occurred – athletes are now able to promote their own sponsors during the Olympic Games. There are restrictions to this ‘relaxation’ of course, but there are now new commercial opportunities for the athletes competing at the Games that simply didn’t exist before.

At Sportskred we welcome this news warmly. 

We connect athletes with sponsors, and have always championed those who we believe deserve more. 

Athletes from all sports are a source of inspiration, influential way beyond their on-field successes, whose audiences follow them with passion, awe and belief. People whose dedication, commitment and sacrifice has brought them to the attention of fans and audiences, who are deeply invested in them, their daily routines and stories. 

Come and join us, and find out how we work with athletes, sports agents, brands and rights holders with sponsorship campaigns that work for everyone.

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