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It’s Not What You Say About Your Brand

You’re a consumer, and you are bombarded with advertising. You don’t even notice its omnipresence. Brands wanting your attention and trying to convince you of the superiority of their products and services, some of which may well be true. But who really believes a brands claims when they so clearly have a vested interest in convincing you to become a customer?

Some of the latest research has shown that consumer confidence in a brand’s message is at an all time low. So, where are brands turning to? How do you get your message across to your target consumers in a manner that is believable, trustworthy, and credible?

Well, you enlist the support of other people to talk about your brand. The multitude of existing consumers who have something good to say have many opportunities to give their opinions nowadays on their product experience. But this doesn’t help me reach my target audience.

At this point, the marketing department invariably turns to social media, the panacea for getting consumers to engage with your brand. And the rallying cry goes around – we need to do social media.

But how??? Creating your own brand’s social media presence will take years to gain just a few thousands of followers, and won’t you just be replicating your own marketing message across your social media channels. But how about using highly influential people whose audience trust them and are invested in them to become advocates for your brand?

Athletes from all sports are a source of inspiration, influential way beyond their on-field successes, whose audiences follow them with passion, awe and belief. People whose dedication, commitment and sacrifice has brought them to the attention of fans and audiences, who are deeply invested in them, their daily routines and stories.

Come join the revolution and put your trust in those whose audiences trust them.

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