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Will You Post This For Me?

There was a time when asking this of a friend meant – “hey, on your way down to the post office, will you pop this in the letterbox please?” Nowadays, this has a whole new meaning, and a whole new level of obligation and complexity!

What this means is that you are asking someone to provide you with access to their audience on social media, and to post some content for their audience to see. But why would they want to do this? It is, afterall, their audience…

Well, through our extensive experience, we have compiled the main reasons why people do (and why they may not) share content on their social media, and here they are…

  1. The content features them looking good (obvious, they want their fans and followers to see them!)
  2. The content is about a cause that they believe in (yes, they may well want to align themselves with something that is true to them and shows their followers what they stand for)
  3. They are getting paid to do it (of course, money can talk)
  4. The content comes from an organisation that they are connected to and they want to support that organisation (they play for the team)
  5. The content comes from an organisation that pays them and this is part of the contractual obligations (the ‘no choice’ scenario)
  6. Lastly, it was easy to do

And the top reasons for not sharing…

  1. The message got lost in an email or whatsapp (sorry, what did you want me to do again?)
  2. The content had nothing to do with them (why did you send me that?)
  3. They just posted something else

At Sportskred we help sports properties, agencies and brands to create their ambassador networks and deliver content to reach huge audiences across streaming and social media. Now, with 2-Click PostingTM content sharing has become simpler and faster than sticking a stamp on an envelope. 

Come visit our website or pay us a visit in person at one of the many events we attend across Europe.

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