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Sportskred becomes technology partner to United City Football Club

We are delighted to announce our first partnership in Asia – becoming the technology partner to United City Football Club (UCFC).

“Following our strong growth of Sportskred in the Americas and in Europe, this is our first venture into Asia. Sportskred is a sponsorship and content sharing platform to provide clubs and federations all the tools needed to create new and to monetise their social media assets. 

With digital advertising now representing over 50% of total global advertising spend, sports clubs and federations are now turning to social media as a significant untapped revenue source while being at the forefront of innovation in regards to connecting with fans”, states our CEO & Founder, Victor Stekly.

“Sportskred is a leading, innovative technology driving sponsorship and advertising revenues for clubs through social media and we are very proud to be the first Asian Football Club to partner with them which give us a tremendous boost in providing opportunities for our current and potential partners” – Eric M. Gottschalk, Co-Founder of UCFC.

We wish them all the best in the upcoming 2020 Philippines Football Season!

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