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Sport Innovation Alliance and Real Sociedad partner with Sportskred

The Sport Innovation Alliance (SIA) have selected Sportskred as a global technology partner.

This partnership is a ringing endorsement for a technology business like Sportskred, that specialises in helping clubs and federations level up their social media for the benefit of these sporting organisations and their sponsors alike. 

The Sport Innovation Alliance is a collaboration between 21 football clubs (at time of writing) from across the globe, that share ideas and identify new products to constantly innovate their processes and hasten digital transformation. 

SIA member Real Sociedad are already using Sportskred technology to share and track the effectiveness of content across the social media accounts of both the club and their players.

For any club, utilising their players as club ambassadors creates a far larger social media audience than the club’s social media alone. 

For Real, this has increased their Instagram audience from 323,000 to a staggering 4.7m.

Or to put it another way, over 119 times bigger than a packed out home game at the Reale Segurous stadium. 

This represents incredible potential for any sponsor serious about fan engagement, and provides a massive platform for the club’s own messaging, shirt sales or ticketing.  

Additionally, Sportskred tech will provide a real-time valuation on all linked social media assets as well as deeper social audience data – giving both the club and its sponsors transparency on the interests, demographics and location of this newly combined audience.

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