You're In Control

The Sportskred platform is used by agents to monetise their client’s social influence.

Athletes have some of the most engaged audiences on social media. They may have a large social audience, or perhaps more modest.
Either way, successfully monetising it isn’t always straightforward.
Sportskred gives you all the tools to monetise your client’s social, from valuation and audience analysis to campaign management.

Your clients have an audience that is valuable to many brands.

But do you know how valuable?

What Can Sportskred Do For You?

Activate Social Media Campaigns

Campaign management tools let you create and activate social campaigns instantly.

Understand Your Clients' Value

Understand the real value of your clients social media, while setting your commercial terms.

Know Their Audience

Detailed audience data provides transparency while finessing your pitch.

The Agents' App

Put Sportskred in your pocket by downloading our app.

Why Sportskred?

  • 01

    No More Contracts

    Set your terms and say goodbye to paperwork.

  • 02

    Understand your clients' social media

    With valuation tools and advanced audience data.

  • 03

    Receive Offers

    When collaborating with sponsors in the platform.

Social Media Sponsorship Simplified

Want to know more?

Don’t take our word for it, see what our users are saying

“The Instagram stats provided by Sportskred were a great asset which were not only helpful in finding suitable partners, but also allowed our athletes to see where the opportunities lay to grow their fan base. The analysis of our athletes' followers was more comprehensive than any other platform we’ve come across.”

- Neil Bailey | CEO Pitch International Representation