Athletes are trusted sources of advice and inspiration to their millions of followers.

With thousands actively training for competition, it's time consuming work identifying the right ones to work with. It's part of the reason why 90% of sponsorship has gone to 10% of athletes.

So there is a lot of untapped influence out there. Sportskred is where brands meet athletes. We are an opt in platform that puts the athlete into work mode. and makes the transaction between brand and athlete as simple as possible.

We provide the tools you need for best in class campaign planning - from brand awareness to direct response. From identification through briefing, tracking and payment - we've got you covered.

Your clients can harness the advocacy and trust that exists between athletes and their audiences - while providing valuable funding to athletes. It has been our intention from day 1 to make Sportskred the go to destination for any athlete training for compeition to connect with brands.

To build an opt in platform we needed to give athletes a very good reason to do just that - opt in.

So we set about interviewing 100 athletes and agents to better understand their needs in order to create true value.

Then we built the Sportskred site, invited athletes on to join us on the platform and finally put Sportskred in their pocket with an app while building the tools that both brands and athletes need to interact.

Our vision is that by making it as easy as possible to connect and manage at scale, that brands will start to connect with many athletes at a time rather than putting their eggs in one basket.

Opt In

We're not simply a searchable database - every athlete on the platfom has joined and are waiting to hear from you.


Idenifty, brief, measure and pay - it's really really simple