Sportskred puts you in front of some of Europe's best brands. Promoting them around the sporting calendar on your behalf while you focus on other things, while providing the resources you need to improve the value of their social media.

Traditionally, sponsorship is based on your clubs physical assets, whether that be naming rights on shirts, naming rights on stadiums or print media. Well, in addition to this, your social media image rights can be a valuable asset too...

Sportskred is for sports influencers like you. We make it easier for everyone to connect and engage. Upload your profile and brands can find you straight away. Have some great ideas for endorsements? Then make a proposal to a brand. Sportskred is super simple, completely transparent and fun, too. We make it the way it was always supposed to be, so you can focus on your goal.

Ready Built Campaigns

At key moments in the sporting calendar, Sportskred will provide an amplification plan for the brands you manage.

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We're not simply a searchable database - every athlete on the platfom has joined and are waiting to hear from you.


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