Sportskred puts your clients in front of some of Europes best brands. Promoting them around the sporting calendar while you focus on other things.

We also provide the resources your clients need to improve the value of their social media.

Maintain total visibility and ultimate control over all deals recieved by your clients.

You have more client's than hours in the day. And with constant changes in social media it's hard to stay on top of everything.There are brands who's love to leverage your clients social media influence - if it was easier to do so.

Sportskred is the agents companion - putting your clients in front of top brands while giving you total visibiltiy and control over all incoming briefs either direct to your clients or to yourself.

Cover more ground

We're never static. The Sportskred platform promotes your clients profile at key times in the sporting calendar

Keep Control

Work the way that suits you best. Have briefs sent to yourself or your clients. Never miss a beat.

Save time

Standardised contracts and paid on time